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Formal Asian Flair: The lotus leaf pattern on the rug adds balance to the hight and symmetry to the formal drapes

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Ultra Modern couch adds form,and function, while creating an impact!

Ultra Modern couch adds form,and function, while creating an impact!

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A transitional kitchen in soft hues can make a small space feel larger

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Dana and her family

About Dana

 Dana grew up seeing the world. She has developed an uncommon cultural awareness that enables her to create a broad range of aesthetics to her clients homes. She has lived in Africa, South America, Malaysia, London and the Middle East.  These experiences have shaped her ability to define and communicate the values of her clients . 

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Naturally artistic and creative, Dana is known for showcasing homes in ways that maximize their aesthetic appeal, and also helps her clients to recognize hidden opportunities that others often overlook.  Whether it is creating an "Edgy", "Transitional", "Eclectic" or "Modern"  look, Dana's talents can help create the dream look you love.

Dana's Family

 As a Real Estate Agent for over 13 years, the knowledge she has gained in viewing thousands of homes of all types, only add to her strengths. Dana received her Liberal Arts degree in Economics at University of Texas-Austin and her design experience from New York Institute of Design, New York  Art and Design and Austin Community College. 

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