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Future Remodel Project - 1935 Home - Living/Family Room

My clients wanted to freshen up their living room, create a more spacious feel and make it more functional. It doubles as a formal living room as well as the family room to watch TV. It is a long room, so the division of two spaces were kept to make it feel more intimate. The TV will be mounted on the wall, and a narrower TV console will be purchased. Swivel Chairs make for easier viewing of television when guests or family are home. An accent wall will be painted in a dark plum or dark blue to make the TV less noticeable. A new couch will purchased in lighter fabric to replace the more traditional one. It will also be narrower thus adding more space and not creating such a heavy feel. Two iron light (ceiling fans) will be added in each space to create more symmetry .

Realistic Rendering of Family Room 1935 House